The European Car Specialists on the Central Coast

With over 20 years experience in the European Car Industry we specialise in the servicing, repairs and maintenance of all European Cars.

Log Book Servicing

All Log Book servicing is carried out as required by the manufacturer's recommendations. We only use products recognized by the manufacturer which means we can carry out all servicing on your new car without voiding your warranty

Up-to-Date Diagnostic Technology and Equipment

Part of keeping your car running at it's best is by using the right equipment. Gosford European Car Services keep up to date with all the latest technology and computer diagnostic equipment.

This technology can reveal the slightest little imperfection with your car and helps with smoother and more economic running.

Personalised Customer Service

We take pride in our business and make an effort to ensure you of our quality in workmanship and customer service.

Whether your car is in for regular servicing or a more serious problem we will keep you up to date and informed on all works that need to be carried out while providing you with peace of mind on our guarantee of workmanship and repairs.

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We strive to provide the best value service at the best price.

In most cases we are up to half the price of Dealerships (sometimes more) and don't generally cost more than a general mechanic.

We like to keep our prices low to suit todays economic times. Here is a starting guide on our pricing:

Minor Servicing from as low as $140 + Parts / Oil*

Medium Servicing from $198 + Parts / Oil / Fluid*

Major Servicing from $264 + Parts / Oil / Fluid*

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*Cost of parts, oil and fluid vary for different vehicles and are charged on top of the service rate

Why Choose A European Car Specialist

When purchasing a European Car there is a certain amount of style, stature and passion that comes with it.

European cars are designed and made for the 'love of the car' and quality of workmanship that goes with it.

Being a European Car Specialist brings the passion and love of working on European Cars and an understading of the complex technology that comes with it.

There are many benefits to using a European Car Specialist, some of these being:

1. Save Money ... Save Time.

A big myth is that European Cars are expensive to run and repair. This isn't always the case. Using a specialist gives you greater access to knowledge, parts and service, meaning we can get the job done, quicker, more effectively and at the right price

2. The Right Part at the Right Price.

There is a misconception that European Cars are more expensive to maintain and fix than a normal Japanese car. This is not always the case. Being a specialist allows us to source the right part for your car (from original parts manufacturer) for, in many cases less than what you'll be charged from a dealer.

3. Specialised Knowledge of Complex Electrical and European Technology

It is no secret that European cars are made differently to other cars, the technology, the design, the comfort is second to none... Being a specialists means we are familiar with the inner workings of European vehicles such as Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, BMW, Audi, VW, Alfa, Mercedes etc.

This means that we can diagnose and fix a problem in a fraction of the time it can take a mechanic unfamiliar with a European Vehicle.

4. Quick & Efficient Diagnostic Technology

One of the keys to effectively fixing your car is knowing exactly what's wrong with it. We use up to date diagnostic equipment that can reveal even the slightest imperfection in your car and fix it immediately. This equipment is also highly valuable in programming central locking, keys, testing electrical systems and much more

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